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The OC Meme with Marcilyn Locket

Sun Apr 24, 2016, 5:59 PM

Hey all... just an OC meme for ya. This time with Marcilyn! I must admit... she is one of my most well developed characters of all time... she has a depth of complexity that not even Estelle or Otto has at certain points in time O_o

I'm not sure if I've done her character before in one of these memes... certainly fun though xD I've practically wrote an essay through this meme, because I really enjoyed getting into her head.

I think I overdid it as always... but I hope you enjoy regardless xD

Enjoy the complexity of Marcilyn Locket! Hehehe


Hi! What's Your Real Name And Nick Name?

My name is Marcilyn Locket, but you can just call me Marci.

Interesting.. What's Your Current Age?

I'm 15, one year older than Estelle. [This is set during the prequel. ]

Uh-Huh. What's Your Favourite Food?

I love hot Gazpacho soup in the winter! Though I prefer it cold as well - especially sprinkled with a little bit of chili. My father always made the best Egg noodle soup though... topping it off with his famous red pork! It's a Starrechian tradition... and I'm always glad when my mother travels to Netheron on buisness trips and drops off some of my father's genius recipes... like his Khao Soi noodles!

 I absolutely adore sprinkling varieties of chilis on each of the noodles as well, it's amazing what a small little condiment can do to make such a delicious dish! Mmm, can you tell I enjoy noodles and chili? I love everything hot!

And Your Favourite Drink? 

I enjoy Bohea tea the most... it was absolutely delicious at first site when Estelle introduced it to me. I honestly thought  I wouldn't like Netheronian tea at first for fear of it being too "tame" but it was absolutely delicious. Perhaps sometimes, mild flavors can be good as well. Maybe I just like things too hot... but I know the princess certainly doesn't!

Confession Time!! Who's Your Crush/Lover? 

C-crush? Ah- ah...

You're not going to tell anyone if I tell you... r-right? I mean... Estelle is beautiful.  And adorable. And absolutely wonderful. I haven't told her anything of what I feel towards her, how can I? She's a princess... and I'm not good enough for that. I'm hardly even royalty after all... She might hold me highly, but I really doubt she holds me that highly. I mean, all I really do is business work with her anyway... it doesn't matter if we're best friends...

I mean, she doesn't even know that I like girls as well as boys, does she? Of course not... I try to keep it a secret as much as I can. I mean, her father might know a few things... but he's never told a soul about my preferences, and he's kept it a secret as far as I know. Not even Margarette  can use any of her weird witchy-magical things to try to hammer the info out of him. Would she really want to? I mean, I am her best painter after all... and certainly, I can always block her magic if she dares to use it on me. I do know mind-block skills, courtesy of my rather paranoid father.

But Estelle... Estelle still thinks I'm healing from my past relationships... and I'd  feel much too conflicted to tell her how I feel. I love her... so, so much... but how could she ever feel the same?

I mean, we're not in Heneurock after all....

Aww! Have You Kissed Yet? 


*gets so red she starts to feel faint*  W-why would I... I... k-k-kiss her? She's my best friend! *gets a large grin on her face* Plus, Estelle doesn't want to kiss anyone... she doesn't seem to hold much of an interest in romance... a-and she's always complaining about boys. How should I know how she feels about girls? She probably just thinks I'm a friend...

Classic Question! What's Your Favourite Color?

Ahhh, I enjoy red the most- a classic Heneurock color. But I enjoy a certain shade of blue as well. They clash together though- so I'd have to wear them separately. It's sad, because I dream of wearing my favorite colors together.

Who's Your Favourite Author?

Ahhh, I rejoice in many of Heneurock's finest authors.  I have a real bad habit of reading documentaries and same sex fiction under the nose of all of the Netheronian royalty.   That isn't a bad thing- is it?  Well, maybe not... until a certain princess peers through your bedroom and tries to read your books. I keep telling Estelle to quit entering my room uninvited, but she won't listen. I guess curiosity killed the cat.

She really, really wants to be in my room for some reason. I can't help but  feel subconscious about it. I mean - Estelle; beautiful, gorgeous, and adorable Estelle - trying to tamper with my wardrobe... trying to wear my homburg hat, trying to get into my Heneurock uniforms... can you believe that she once tried to crash Arvilla's party wearing my Heneurock business suit?  God, it was most embarrassing... I mean... just... embarrassing.

I mean, I can't dress that way in Netheron. Estelle saved me through hiring her servants to tailor Netheronian dresses just for me, after seeing my lack of feminine attire. I may have long, luscious curls... but when I first came there, dressed solely in a business suit, I was so self conscious by all of the stares I got - it was criminal.

I'm so fortunate she hasn't bothered to come in recently... though I can't help but feel like it was something I did. It's fine though... I wouldn't want her to see that I've been drawing her in secret... I can remember every single detail down to her beautifully pale complexion... I don't even need a reference when it comes to Estelle.

That princess will never understand what I'm trying to keep from her. There's so much she doesn't know about me... the wild life I had lived, the drawings I have made for her... my guilty feelings for her. It's not like she'd understand... I mean, how could she?  I always thought princesses were just... for boys. For rich, Netheronian princes. And I'm too... immoral for her. I'm a Heneurocker, and quite frankly -a stereotypical one as well.

But Estelle doesn't know that. Nobody does. Not even my father knows the things I've done. Of course, that's pretty typical of the Heneurocker lifestyle. We learn through our mistakes on our own, even if my father doesn't want to admit that I'm not as white - or - black as people take me for.

I can't help but wonder where Estelle goes at night... I mean... it's not like I've tried to follow her... but... sometimes I just get so curious, you know? Deep down inside, I can't help but feel like a terrible person. I want to know everything about her, and yet I want her to know nothing about me.

I guess I'm just secretive. No one bothers to ever pry information out of me, especially not since I look so ultra-cuddly and adorable on the outside. I'm sorry for being so cynical though. I don't mean to be.

I'm only 15, and yet I know more about the world than anyone could ever hope for. I know more about Estelle than anyone I know. She's always been so open with me. And yet... there are some things we just never tell each other.

Maybe curiosity really did kill the cat... because certainly, I'm dying in the process of trying to figure out what I feel for her.

Now What's Your Biggest Fear?

If... if I were to... to... hurt Estelle... oh dear god, just the imagery! My life would be over if I hurt Estelle... in any way, in any form...

I love her so much, why can't anyone see that? That's why I don't want to tell her. The moment I tell her, I'm going to hurt her. I know it.

I mean... beautiful, serene Estelle... she can't handle as much as she wants to. As much as she thinks she can. That's why... I'd rather be the one who hurts, the one who's in pain.

I mean, if she only knew... if she only knew what I was willing to do... to love her, to hang onto these feelings... despite knowing they might possibly never be returned, might never be requited...

Oh, it hurts... but It's nothing I can't handle. I mean, when you consider it - my life has been full of pain. I just never let anyone know it.

But if she only knew maybe I'd finally feel complete...

*Stifles A Giggle*I'm Not Laughing...*Burst Out Laughing* Sorry. Any Siblings?

Siblings? Well, I don't know... probably cousins, but I haven't met any of them. I'm rather apart from my family, you see. It's not  that I don't love them, it's just that I'm always working. Vevenon, my father doesn't really like it when I don't write back, but at least I stay in touch with Marcella, my mother. Vevenon's letters have been pretty... strange lately though. He's been talking about some pretty odd projects, so I haven't bothered to write back.

Almost Done, It's Only Twenty Questions. Who's Your Hero?

Hero? I haven't really thought about it... when I was younger, I used to look up to my father a lot. I was my father's daughter after all. But now a days, I don't really look up to anyone. Maybe I look up to Estelle...

Okay, Who's Your Worst Enemy? 

Well, honestly- I don't know if I really consider anyone to be "my worst enemy" ... Minus maybe some of my exes.  Yvette and Maxillian in particular really get on my nerves... can you believe Yvette for what she did? Oh Huerta! I feel so awkward talking to Estelle sometimes... considering how much they look alike. I try not to overthink it too much. I mean, I wouldn't want darling Estelle to think I had feeling for Yvette in the first place... one reason I'm so glad I'm separated from Heneurock even if I miss my best friend Ambelena sometimes.

What Would You Do If Your Hero And Worst Enemy Got Together? 

Honestly, it would be so creepy... I think it would get the headline in a newspaper article.

Plus, I really doubt it... considering Yvette is gayer than... gay, and my father is a married 40 year old man.

Oh Huerta. The horrible images. The horrible imagery!

I think I'm going to wipe my mind with soap ten times over. Excuse me.

*Marcilyn leaves the room*

Interesting.. What Would You Do If You Met Your Creator? 

Creator? *Marcilyn raises an eyebrow* Oh, you're talking about the first queen of Netheron? Wait... no? *she scratches her head*  I wish I knew what you were talking about. I mean, if we're talking about some sort of God... that theory has been disproved since... well... earth, wherever that may be. Or maybe there is a God out there, and we don't realize it? I mean... I'm not entirely sure. I thought people like Estelle always were the dictators of the earth, and well... there couldn't possibly be anything else, could there? Huertians don't generally hold a religion... and those who still do, well - they tend to worship... people like Estelle. I mean, that's a little bit screwed up if you ask me. Estelle is hardly someone to worship over... I don't think I'd go that far in my quest for her love.

It's funny, because I have a feeling that earthlings felt far different... I guess in the process of technological advances, we've lost sight on true spirituality. What sort of Gods did they worship? I mean, not people, right? Then what? The physical air?

I guess it's a little strange for me. The thought of there being something other than technology and... Estelle, watching over us. I've heard of rumors of the remains of some earth documents existing... Estelle won't let me touch the book that hangs in the museum, one of the last of it's kind. She tells me, it's the last religious book. I ask her, what is it called? She tells me, it's the bible.

Well, it's awfully strange that a book must dictate a lifestyle. But Estelle treats it like it's gospel. Where did the term gospel come from anyway? That book?  Hmm...

There's some things Estelle doesn't even tell me. I guess that book is one of them.

Okay, I'll Contact Them Right Now. Done! Now, What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Well, I'm an inventor... and I paint pictures for the queen. What more could I want? 

It's a perfect blend of what I've always wanted to do as a kid. I mean, my father tried to mold me into the perfect inventor... but he always ignored my obvious talent in painting.

My mother, is a stay-at-home mom, which is highly discouraged by the Heneurockers. She can't help it though - the only time she runs errands is when my father asks her to pick up supplies in Netheron, Starrech, and Drethathon in order to give her some fresh air, away from Heneurock. He tries to avoid sending her to Drethathon as much as possible though, because of their poor ways to handle lone woman travelers.

She gets harassed a lot by my neighbors and cousins. I can't help but feel like I must surpass her - in all ways, because I don't want to be in the same situation as her. I mean, for a country that is so focused on equality and sexual liberation - why can't we allow that for people like my mother as well?

Maybe I'm scared of being shamed the same way. So I try harder and harder to become the best inventor I can. I love painting in my freetime, but I can't become a painter. I know I can't.

I'm one of the best inventors in the whole region - but for the sake of my family, I'm not going to let them down. I will invent for Estelle. I will become better than anyone else. I will become so good - I will surpass my father, and everyone around me - even the princess herself.

I'm forced to be competitive... but it's not like I care about that. I want to be better than my mother. I want to be anything but a stay-at-home mom.

Don't get me wrong - I love my mother dearly, and I would do anything for her... but I really wish she didn't have to be a victim all the time...

What's Your Worst Nightmare?

Must you really ask that?

Not be good enough. For anyone, especially the princess. I want to be better than anyone else... at everything I do. I want to make people see how amazing I am, how much I can do. I want to be congratulated for my talents, as I was when I was younger, and my father used to pat me on the head every time I put the nuts and bolts on right.

If I can't do anything - if I can't be good enough for anyone... I'm not worth anything. And that scares me.

So if I were to make any mistakes... it would be my ultimate fear.

And if I were to ever be injured, to the point of where I couldn't work... I'd rather let myself die, than let myself live... because being unable to impress Estelle or anyone else, would make my existence meaningless.

What's Your Life-Long Dream?

To be honest, I've always fancied the idea of romance... being in a romantic relationship has been my life long dream.  Perhaps I am just that average Heneurocker-gone-wild kid who wanted to explore her sexuality at a young age, but I've dated at least 3 people before I met Estelle.

Honestly, I'm not overly fond of any of them... I have to respect Ambelena though, and I try not to think too much about our brief romantic scramble, especially not since we're still friends, or were friends until I moved to Netheron.  She's not particularly interested in anyone, which I have to respect.  I mean, why should I discount her, for discovering she doesn't like anyone?

Maxillian on the other hand... I have him to thank for my insecurities of the opposite gender. I mean, not all boys are bad - but I faintly remember traveling to Drethathon and seeing how that was. I was really young when I went, so I don't remember much... but the setting is crystal clear to me. I can still visualize the men slapping the woman across the rear.  I would never want to be treated that way.

So I guess I'm just a little bit insecure about it. Just a little bit. I mean, if it happens - it happens. I can't control what I feel.

But I would never want to run into another Yvette either. It's because of her, that I've discovered my apparent sex-repulsion. I mean, doesn't happen too often I suppose - I still get urges, but I'm completely disgusted about it. I don't want to run into anymore Yvettes. Estelle is nothing like Yvette.

Estelle is dreamy, she's everything to me. I would never want to do anything that makes her uncomfortable - it's why we're still friends, and why I haven't bothered to tell her how I feel.

The moment I tell her... I can't help but feel like I'm pressuring her. Estelle is a lot like Ambelena. I don't want to embark on something she  doesn't want, nor need.

What Would You Do If Your Life-Long Dream Came True? 

If Estelle loved me back, I would be in heaven. I've always dreamed of a relationship... and Estelle is who I'd want to be with. Everything about her is so beautiful... from her hair, to her face, to her intelligence... to her skill... and she is so remarkably stunning with the way she presents herself, that I'm always in blissful heaven when I see her. I am so happy when I'm around her... and the moment I see her, I just feel like wrapping my arms around her, and telling her all the things that I love about her. I have the biggest crush on her... and I don't think she'll ever see it.  The moment she knows... it will be the end of everything I've worked for.

Estelle is a princess, so I must consider her royalty as well. She's so beautiful... why could she ever want me?

Okay.. Where's Your Favourite Place To Relax? 

The garden is a good winding down place. I like to draw my scenery pictures there. I've painted the portrait of Estelle and other royal family members at the garden as well, and I get payed a hefty sum of cash for it too! They call me a fantastic artist- but I'm anything but gifted. All I can do really, is copy, and do it well. But I also can create from scratch as long as I have a reference. My photographic memory helps me draw blueprints and maps as well, but the queen as always thought of me as more useful doing portraits, since I catch details like no other. She likes to commission me for it, and Priscilla commissions me to draw designs for the rain machine. While I'm good at drawing anything technical- I lack a lot in creativity. I'm not a very creative person. In fact, I do terrible at  coloring, unless I have a very specific reference. But at least Estelle is happy with the pictures that I make for her.

Last Question! What Do You Spend Most Of Your Time Doing?

I work on the rain machine and run Estelle's business. I'm a hard worker, you see, but I love my job. They say as a 15 year old girl, I shouldn't be handling a 32 year old's job, but I digress. I've always been much more intelligent than my father, and he's always wanted to have my talents, but I never rub it in anyone's face. I don't particularly like doing so.

Many people are jealous of me and Estelle. I can see why... a fifteen year old like me is running a shop with a fourteen year old, with minimal help from a 30 year old.  Although I'm very intelligent for my age, Estelle is even more so. She likes rubbing it in people's faces more than me, but she's still modest. She'll at least tease her cousins about it.

Aaaaand that's all. I hope you enjoyed reading this! :D I really tried to get into her head, so I ended up editing this at least 4-5 times throughout working on the prequel hahaha

Marcilyn is only a year or two old too as a character! I made her in late 2014 to early 2015 I believe c: But she's one of my most developed of all time hahaha xD I am very proud of her character! :D

I hope you like her too! Feel free to tell me what you think below :heart:

In terms of concept rather than color, do you prefer the darker forms of art, or the lighter? 

8 deviants said Darker O:
8 deviants said Both ^^
2 deviants said Lighter :D

Coming Soon! Drethathon: The Waterloo of Delicacy

Netheron Chronicles: The Original Netheron Story

Thank you for stopping by!

The Future Mural by Vivyi


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