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Gotta love ace jokes... ;P I'm sorry, I'm ridiculous :XD: I don't crack jokes that often... /cough, anyway~

I was tagged by my poet friends
:iconlmw-the-poet: AND :icondalekcaanii: 
So I must, I must~ :XD:

*EDIT* I was also tagged by :iconkalinereine: again so I mussst~

I'm not tagging anyone again, LOL :XD:

I tagged less people than the required amount... because I literally ran out of people to tag... I don't know enough poets... I tried only tagging poets because I know most artists and storytellers don't want to share every little detail of their life... me too sometimes... but well, I guess I'll do this anyway... it seems fun.

These are the rules:

1. You have to post the rules
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people
5. Go to their page to inform them that they are tagged.
6. Not something like "you are tagged if you read that."
7. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
8. You can't say that you don't do tags.
9. Tag-backs are allowed!
10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENT. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
11. You have to finish within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
12. Be creative with the title, no "I got tagged."
13. Cussing is ALLOWED.

13 things about myself:

1. I was once really romantic of a person, always busy reading romance novels and daydreaming about romance. Now I think it's really boring. :XD:

2. I actually don't know the first thing about romance despite the above... it's really awkward for me. Kissing and such, is really super hard for me to tolerate at times... so the one boyfriend I had, I never kissed. 

3. I get super weird urges to cuddle people. And give lots of hugs. And just in general snuggle. I want to be close to people... but not too close. To be too close, creates trouble.

4. I read as much as I can... and I don't watch movies very often. In fact, the last time I watched any movie was the final days of school.

5. I enjoy theater performances, and three years ago I hated the idea of going to a play. I can't blame it- almost my whole family thinks most plays are stupid, other than the ones I'm in. :D 

5.  Math is my worst enemy... quite literally. It's awful.

6. In all of years of high school... I've not failed one class. AT ALL. I'm really happy about it! :D

7. I'm an insomniac. I stay up till 2:00 AM sometimes... I don't know what to do about it. I have to take meletonin every night just to fall asleep... and if I don't, I'll be sorry.

8. When I'm really excited about something, I'll jump up and get really happy about it. Like literally jump up and down and wave my arms... people think I'm really cute that way.

9. In general, I'm really childlike and very expressive... I'm only 5'1"  but I'm a full grown adult. People think I should act more mature, but I'm not. :XD:

10. I'm really polite of a person. If I bump into you in the hallway, I will definitely say I'm sorry... and will hammer myself if I don't. I don't want to start fights... I just want peace. It's who I am. <3

11. I'm ridiculously clumsy at times... like, for example: I'll spill really hot top ramen on myself, and then I'll get a giant rash. :/

12. I'm know how to make some mean top ramen too. ;) I cook it without the broth :XD: It's very interesting.

13. I'm naturally gifted to be a great cook... but I really don't like cooking sometimes. My real life friend regardless teaches me how to cook at times, and it's always so much fun. :D

Now the answers to the questions:

First from :iconlmw-the-poet:

1. What languages do you know well enough to at least make small chat?
Just one: English
2. What languages would you like to learn and why?
Well, I've always wanted to learn Swedish... or Japanese... or perhaps some Spanish
3. What's your favorite area of science and what subarea or specific topic?
Probably Psychology~ I enjoy it a lot <3
4. What is your favorite and least favorite physical qualities about yourself?
My favorite physical part of myself is my height... I enjoy being short, because I can cut in line so easily, and never be caught! :D
My least favorite physical part of myself... is my stomach. It bulges out sometimes, and it's really ugly... and I gain weight so easily now a days... I just... I don't want to go past 108! ;n; I want to be 100!
5. What is your favorite and least favorite personality-wise qualities about yourself?
My favorite part of myself (and I don't mean to brag) is my ability to feel other's pain and help them. Whenever someone talks to me about their emotions- I always try to relate to the problem... and many times, I can...
My least favorite part of myself... is my naiveness. I can act so stupid sometimes, and people think I'm unintelligent and therefor don't have a voice, and it just irks me.
6. Who is one person, dead or alive, you'd like to meet?
My great grandpa... he did a lot of incredible things and was famous, and I never got to meet him... he died before I was born. The strange thing is, me and my two brothers are the only remaining lineage of my great grandpa... which is sad, because he did a lot of incredible things.
7. If you could own ANY animal in existence or that has existed, what would it be?
I'm going to be boring and say a cat :XD: I love kitties a lot.
8. What is ONE physical object you could not live without?
My computer / Tablet. I'd die without technology... LOL :XD:
9. What song(s) perfectly describe your personality? (You can choose multiple songs to fill in gaps, but the songs can't talk about anything that doesn't describe you.)
This is really hard for me to do... because I've never once payed attention to the lyrics of songs. My library is too big to go through all the songs and find something, so I may have to skip this question... sorry! :(
10. What do you like about yourself (personality OR physically) that you'd still like to improve on?
I like the fact that I care about other people, but sometimes I really need to work on worrying less.
11. Describe the best day of your life (that has happened).
First day of  Theater Camp, when we did our first  show... I was practically ecstatic at all of the compliments I got. I'm really happy to get them too <3 It's why I keep going back!
12. Describe the best day of your life (that you want to happen).
Finding that person who understands me more than the world... and will tolerate my quirky asexual habits. Someone who would just respect me, and be patient... and be there for me. They don't have to be a romantic partner... they can be just a friend who will take care of me. I'm high maintenance, so the day I see that will likely be a long time... and maybe even impossible! But I'm just so scared it never will...
13. What is one random thing about anything that you'd like to randomly share? xP
I used to have a terrible habit of typing in third person when talking about myself. :XD: LOL how about that for random?

MORE questions from :icondalekcaanii: (I'm so loved today :XD: )

Sipping a cup of tea in the living room, with a dead body in the closet. :evillaugh:
2) Who are your favorite deviantARTists?
DSKDKKS this question is so HAAAAARD I try not to play favorites ;n; I'll talk about my favorite professional artists.
:icondestinyblue: is my absolute favorite artist. She draws very inspiring pictures... and she is a very nice person... but very popular. :D She will cover some deep topics... and give an inspirational story behind them.
:iconchuwenjie: is my second favorite. She's amazing at what she does... and she's also a really nice person. I +watched her since before she even began to get serious in art... and I even commented on some of her older works as a young teen! So I'm really proud of her art. ;u;
:icondamaimikaz: Is my third. She takes so much time to reach out to her viewers... and always takes time to thank people for favoriting her works. I can't imagine having so many watchers... and then giving the time to thank them  all... that's just crazy for me! She's also really good at drawing... and she loves to write articles... which are generally pretty good ones. She's also a writer like myself... but I've never seen her stories. I hope one day, she posts some. :)

3) What's your zodiac sign?
I'm a Virgo~ a forever messy one. :XD:
4) What's your favorite song?

Crusher-P's Echo still stands as one of my top favorite <3 It's Vocaloid, but you can always find a dub.


What's your favorite color?
Well, I really love purple... and pink, and teal. I think the asexual flag colors (Purple, white, gray, and black) go extremely well together... and unintentionally,  Estelle has a very "asexual flag" like color scheme, other than the pink she wears.
6) Favorite story/poem?
Really? This is the hardest question ever ;n;  I have so many favorites.
The ArtistShe talked to rocks, asking them if they’d be happy
To leave their home for her newest installation piece
She cried sometimes for no reason other than
She felt like having a good cry
Her house was covered in her students’ drawings
She said the best art was produced from innocence
She went mad once, and painted canvas after canvas
In furious strokes of black
The soft blue world of youth at last faded, she grew old
People shook their heads when they saw her
And whispered “poor dear” under their breath
But she was never poor
Her love for everything and everyone never died
It was swept in all directions like a summer breeze
Making people smile without knowing why
But the river rocks know

This one reminds me of the story behind being an artist... and how being an artist is not always an easy road.  ( But Truth be told: A lot of my friends poetry is my favorite... but I don't pick favorites. ) As for stories:
Time Stopped (CONTEST ENTRY)Time Stopped
By Alex Sorrow
   All around me, the world is different from what I'm familiar with. The floor is a shiny, purple-green crystal rock that glistens in what little light comes from the glass orbs overhead. They're not lightbulbs exactly, but close. The walls are the same material as the floor. There is no ceiling, only darkness. I can see that same darkness outside the windows, outside the gaping holes in the wall. The room I find myself in seems to go on forever, but mostly because I can't see further than 20 yards before the darkness returns. Normally, this would present a claustrophobic feeling, but I feel calm here. At peace.
    I begin walking. In the unnatural silence, every footstep sounds like thunder. I see two orange orbs in the darkness and stop walking as they draw near. Something shaped like a tiger strolls out of the dark. I can see its skin is made of the crystal rock.
    "Human," it greets me, dark purple mist spewing

This is my current favorite. :D It really blew my imagination away. I don't read stories on dA very often, but I really liked this one <3 Stories about time are fun! :D
7) Pencils or pens?
Pencils, definitely.
8) What's your life motto?
"Live the Life" is my motto, because it means "Live the life the way you want to be treated."  It's basically like saying, be a kind, mild mannered person, or face the karma of the universe... that sorta thing :XD:
9) Dream car?
A car with Estelle painted on it :XD:
10) Would you rather listen to rap music for the rest of your life or country music?
Country music... rap is horrible. I can at least tolerate country.
11) Do you like Marilyn Monroe?
I don't know enough about her to have an opinion...
12) What era of music do you like the most? (80's, 90's, 2000's, etc.)
Probably 2000s... :XD: But I'm not exactly picky about older music either... my second favorite is the 90s.
13) Would you ever plan to get married?
No. :X
I'm not even going to say why.

My Questions:

1) Who do you look up to as an inspiration? (Can be anyone / anything, movie stars, people in your life... cartoon characters... people on dA... anything. )
2)Your favorite book / author? (Can be a poetry book, a nonfiction work, or a fictional piece)
3)What inspires you the most to create?
4)Do you believe in aliens?
5)What is one thing you really love about deviant art?
6) What is one thing that deviant art should improve on?
7) Your opinion on love?
8)Do you like chocolate?
9)What are some of your favorite things to do outside of dA?
10) How well do you tolerate people?
11) What is your most favorite work in your gallery?
12) Your favorite type of climate?
13)Who is your favorite artist / poet / writer? (You can pick one, all three, or just two of them.'

*EDIT* Now from Kaline! :iconkalinereine:

1) Do you have any pets?
I do! Two little kitties! :love:
2) What's your favorite thing in the whole world to do?
It's what I do everyday: Write and draw! :D
3) Got a crush on anyone? (Can be real or fictional, still counts.) c;
Not really, actually... but if I had a crush 90% of the time, it's probably on a female. :XD: I'm weird like that, lol. Then I generally repress it by a lot... because 90% of the  time, they are also straight. :XD:
4) What are your views on society? Do you think we're headed in a positive direction or do you think we're all doomed? xD
Depends. I sorta think that as a whole, the community is going in a positive direction with good judgment and thinking more about others with differences, but with all of the bad weather, dangerous conditions, and severe droughts, I think we could be better off. In some communities, we are doing worse, but in others: we are doing far better than we have in ages.
5) What's your favorite fruit?
6) What is the main reason you create art? What is the driving force that makes you want to create? For you, what is the point of it?
Great question! For me, it is the feeling of acceptance. I want to be accepted by others, and I want to know I've done a good job on my art, and that people love it... but it's not just that: It's also because it's fun. I love to draw every day for all of these years, because it fuels me with a warm feeling in my heart when people love what I draw. I love writing stories because it warms my heart when people can relate to my characters. I love writing poetry, for the people who understand my poetry. I love drama, because when I do a good job, I feel acknowledged. I love singing, because when I sing, I feel like all my worries go away, and I am proud to be on stage, and people begin to acknowledge my existence. I can go on... but I don't think I will. :XD: My point of creating art, is that people will acknowledge me and love it, but also that I am self fulfilled from creating it. It feels like a job well done, when I create something someone likes c: It's a good feeling!
7) Do you have any characters that you ship together? If so, who are they?
Marcilyn x Estelle /coughccough I MEAN Estelle x Otto! Estelle x Otto! Estelle x OTTTTOOOOOO
Okay, let me explain a few things:
-Estelle x Otto because Estelle and Otto are so fun to write, and Otto is the only one who understands Estelle the most. Estelle might be sex repulsed, but she's willing to marry Otto, not because she wants commitment, but because she wants to marry two countries together. Plus on the silly poll I did, it was the most popular pairing, which is funny because I really love it too~ :XD:
- Marcilyn and Estelle are very fun to draw together, and very fun to work together in the story too. Marcilyn's story is my favorite because of Marcilyn's reactions to Estelle. I sorta see them being really good friends... not really much more... but they would make a really cute couple, if they both weren't straight characters. :XD:  Imagine the storyline to that... wow. I don't think I'll write my version... LOL :XD: It's super long and not even canon... But it's really interesting... if Netheron revolved more about romance. ;P

8) Do you read or have you ever read fanfiction?
In the past, I have read fanfiction. Even bad fanfiction. I wrote bad fanfiction too... :XD: I try not to read it now... or face the consequences of mass headaches.

9) What's your favorite kind of weather?
Snowy days! I love snow <33 Rains my second favorite, when it isn't all thundery and loud.
10) How did you find out about DA?
That's a really funny question :) I found it out in 5th grade as a resource for brushes and textures for a program called "GIMP" that was good for making art like photoshop. I mainly used to use GIMP for avatar and signature making... but sometimes I would use it for drawing art with a mouse. (Which took forever to do :XD: ) One of my first GIMP pictures was this: Old Picture used with GIMP by Vivyi
that I made in 7th grade. (I was a huge nerd at the time... LOL) I used only a mouse. It took DAYS to do :XD: But I remember being really proud of it! :D TBH, I still kinda am... despite the content :XD: (I was an embarrassing child... )
Speaking of which,  I officially joined dA upon rediscovering it in 7th grade by my then-best friend at the time. This was one of the first pictures  I submitted to my gallery at the time... cool huh? I no longer have it up, of course :XD: :XD: :XD: That can be blamed on myself. ;P I have a lot of my stuff taken down now... but the very first picture I ever posted, was this:

OMG by Vivyi

(This is a relief I don't draw anime anymore... )
11) How often do you submit work into your gallery here?
I try to weekly at least... but it tends to be every 3-5 days, sometimes more, sometimes less. 
12) What are the main reasons that make you want to watch another deviant?
If they are super nice people, who acknowledge my existence, and love my art too, then I'm more than likely to +watch them, especially if I like their art. :) Some winning causes for me +watching you:
-If you love more than one form of art, particularly writing and art. I usually will watch someone, if they post nice comments on my stuff and be friendly :)
-Exhibit a kindness, and a lack of judgment, aka be a really nice person. I can't tell you enough how much I hate mean people. If someone is even the slightest bit mean to me, I won't even give them a chance. I'll block them and move on... because those who are unkind, don't get anywhere with me. :) They don't get anywhere with life, either :XD: (But if you are my friend, and are mean accidentally, I'll forgive you, don't worry~ because I know more about you, and that you are respectful :heart: I'm just talking about the dudes who will be like: "OMG YOU SUCK" I don't forgive them very often, LOL
-Are very talented and have a lot of passion for both writing and art, or one or the other... but without being judgmental, or drawing "sexy" things, or drawing / writing offensive stuff. I do unwatch very big name artists sometimes for drawing nudity and  a lot of other not-so-great things. I don't want to see that kind of stuff on my watch list. I think it's quite unprofessional, and very uncalled for. But if you write a ton of descriptive violence / gore /  nudity / sexual themes... I won't care... just don't expect me to read it... :XD:  As long as that's not ALL you focus on... because I can't imagine that'd be healthy...
13) Do you believe in magic?
I do~ it exists somewhere in the universe... I'm just not sure where :XD:

Alrightie~ that is all! :)

I tag:

StarrNacht  wordofthewillow Breathing-Rams PantherPL My-Colorful-Tears KalineReine LMW-The-Poet DalekCaanII (It said tag backs were allowed :XD:Breath-of-Nefertari Aaaand I officially don't know anymore people... :XD: If you got tagged and absolutely hate memes, you don't have to do it. No one is forcing you to do anything :heart:


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I'm your not-so-typical nineteen year old girl from America, who admits to being rather petite and small for her age. I am a Biromantic Gray-asexual, and I fit the stereotype for "childish" very well :XD: I'm relatively new for being out of the closet too, but mainly have come out on deviant art. I enjoy drawing, writing, reading, singing, acting, and video games. I also get curious and do research at times. On here, you'll mainly find my poetry, short stories, chaptered stories, and my artwork. I try to make my works relatable and fun. :heart:

I love meeting new people, and spreading joy for others. I try to live up to my username that means "Living Joy" and be a decent, mild-mannered person, but I also wish to be a kind-willed person, and give back anyway I can. I am also highly nonjudgmental as a person, so you can talk to me about a lot of things and it'll be okay with me c: (Within reason, of course) If you ever need to talk about anything, feel free to shoot me a note or comment below.

Thank you for your time in reading this, and may your days become filled with joy! :D

Vivienne Waltzer :heart:

Disclaimer: Vivienne Waltzer is in no way associated with my real name. My real name is generally confidential, and will not be named. Vivi stems from my real life nickname, which may or may not be named.


Who would you pair together in a romance, if there was romance in Netheron? 

4 deviants said Estelle and Otto
2 deviants said Mae and Otto
1 deviant said (I'm just so dang curious, okay? :XD: )

Favorite Artwork

The Queen that D E N I E S by Vivyi


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