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Hello There!


About Me

I'm your not-so-typical twenty year old girl from America, who admits to being rather petite and small for her age. I am a Biromantic Gray-asexual, and I fit the stereotype for "childish" very well :XD: I'm relatively new for being out of the closet too, but mainly have come out on deviant art. I enjoy drawing, writing, reading, singing, acting, and video games. I also get curious and do research at times. On here, you'll mainly find my poetry, short stories, chaptered stories, and my artwork. I try to make my works relatable and fun. :heart:

I love meeting new people, and spreading joy for others. I try to live up to my username that means "Living Joy" and be a decent, mild-mannered person, but I also wish to be a kind-willed person, and give back anyway I can. I am also highly nonjudgmental as a person, so you can talk to me about a lot of things and it'll be okay with me c: (Within reason, of course) If you ever need to talk about anything, feel free to shoot me a note or comment below.

Thank you for your time in reading this, and may your days become filled with joy! :D

Vivienne Waltzer :heart:

Vivienne Waltzer's Works


Birthday and some updates

Mon Aug 31, 2015, 10:55 PM
My b-day is on September 2nd~ I'm pretty nonchalant about it. Nothing really special ever occurs for my b-days, other than a few presents. I'm going to be taken out to dinner by a friend the following week of my b-day and treated to some nice music, which is always nice. I'll try to be on for my b-day, but I can't make any promises~ <33

College is beginning pretty soon... hasn't quite began for me yet, but once September hits, I'll be busy trying to get  everything paid for. Thankfully, there's a thing called "scholarships" and though I only have one, it covers the cost completely for 4 years. I consider myself lucky at that... I might not even have to fork over too much money for books! :love:

Netheron wise, I'm editing two different projects. The original Netheron story, and the Netheron prequel. There's a rather interesting decision revolving around Marcilyn and Estelle I may need help with, if you're willing. I may do a poll in the future, but I'd rather hear about opinions via this journal entry first.

Would it be okay if Marcilyn and Estelle became an official couple after all? With the expense of it being well written, well executed, and not to mention: treated the same as the Otto and Mae, or Otto and Estelle. The problem with writing them like that in the prequel, is Otto x Estelle already exists, and even is important to the plot. But it's also important for Marcilyn to betray Estelle- although she doesn't betray Estelle because of her feelings, but because of the fact that she was forced into it, and since Marcilyn is a rather wimpy character- she makes a huge mistake, and it causes Estelle so much anger. But I was thinking, more likely their feelings would occur in the second book- the one that may be titled "Heneurock" or some other name. In the prequel, it seems Marcilyn's feelings are unrequited, but even then- I'm still debating whether to omit them, or expand upon them in order to drive the plot forward. I don't want to imply that homosexuality is a bad thing though, by making Marcilyn betray Estelle. I think if I handle the dialogue carefully, things should be good. Although, I really don't want to push my whole luck between writing out LGBT characters in Netheron, because I promised myself I wouldn't do that... but it seems the characters are calling for it... so now I'm very confused. It's probably because I wrote "Lock Me Away... Marcilyn Locket" a while back, and now I still can't get it out of my system. ^^;

It should be warned that the prequel is a lot less "sunny" and "child-like" than the main story itself. That is because it's written from Estelle's (and sometimes Marcilyn's) perspective. Although they are much younger than the original (Ranging from 14-15 for Estelle, and 15-16 for Marcilyn. ) it is essentially the type of story where Estelle becomes the antagonist, so it's not exactly the most peachy thing I've ever written, so per say. That's why Netheron has it's  well deserved "Teen" rating, in terms of content. I wanted to up the content label, because I do tread some mature subjects, and in the prequel Estelle's "Asexuality" is talked about a lot throughout the beginning of the book. I've been doing my fair share of research despite sharing such traits- and I've found creative ways to incorporate her confession without actually out front saying the words "I'm asexual"  and I've even found ways to explain such in a way that was non explicit. (I.e.: I explained that Otto's mother was also asexual, and had been forced into bearing Otto in order to run the throne. This is handled delicately, and in fragile words. ) Estelle is not exactly a peachy, happy person. I would never go above Teen in terms of content- I would not  write MA, because I'm not really an MA writer in the first place. However, there are a few things to look out for, that may occur in the final product of the Netheron Prequel... and I will list what is in the book in the final version. (because I still don't know what will stay and what will go. ) That's why I'm asking you guys to help me decide.

One thing I know for sure that's staying, is Estelle's identity as Asexual, and the fact that her and Marcilyn are close, is well decided. It's just, at the expense of what is "close" leaves to be defined. I hope to figure it out soon.

If there's no way I can work in any scenes between Marcilyn and Estelle in the prequel, they would be worked into the second book. I'm hoping the majority of you are okay with the second book having Marcilyn x Estelle as a romantic couple in there, since I'm still fleshing out the details. (It'll probably be my nanowrimo project, though ;) ) Even if you're not, your opinion is still appreciated. (And don't worry: the plot always comes first, and other characters like Mae and Otto will get a chance to shine! )

I'll need to make a deadline for the  editing of the prequel. Netheron's edits might take longer, because I want to wait until I write the sequel so I can add some things in there. ( I want everything to flow nicely, as you can see. ) I'm not taking down the original document. Instead, I'll be dumping the old Netheron into a folder called "The Old Netheron" or something along the likes, and removing it from many of my galleries, and creating a new folder for it in my group. So if you still want to read it, you may. This may change in the future, but this is how I want to do it in the here and now. I do realize some people would like to read the original content without the new editions or edits. Although editions and edits are always nice. :D I always want to make it up to the reader, what they want to do. I am changing a lot of things in the original Netheron. I'm adding a new character, a couple new chapters... and I'm fleshing out the storyline a little better. My high hopes is that it'll be better than it was before, and not worse. ^^;

By the way, I'm still in the midst of coming up with a name for the prequel. I think it might be called "Drethathon: The Waterloo of Delicacy"  Combining the original name for the second book, and the original prequel's title. (The future book will be called "Heneurock" ) More information on that later. It's not  finalized yet.

Also... I'm kinda in a poetry slump right now. I haven't written a decent poem in ages, because I keep thinking it's not good enough. Anyone have a solution for this?  (I'm all ears! )

In any case, this has gotten way too long once again. I'll quit rambling and I'll leave you to your place.

In any case, hope I didn't cause a headache,

~Vivienne Waltzer

Your Favorite Netheron Character? 

6 deviants said Estelle Mari Violetta
2 deviants said Marcilyn Locket
1 deviant said Clarence Otto Othan
No deviants said Mae Victorine


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Favorite Artwork

The Queen that D E N I E S by Vivyi


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