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I'm your not-so-typical twenty year old girl from America, who admits to being rather petite and small for her age. I am a Biromantic Gray-asexual, and I fit the stereotype for "childish" very well :XD: I'm relatively new for being out of the closet too, but mainly have come out on deviant art. I enjoy drawing, writing, reading, singing, acting, and video games. I also get curious and do research at times. On here, you'll mainly find my poetry, short stories, chaptered stories, and my artwork. I try to make my works relatable and fun. :heart:

I love meeting new people, and spreading joy for others. I try to live up to my username that means "Living Joy" and be a decent, mild-mannered person, but I also wish to be a kind-willed person, and give back anyway I can. I am also highly nonjudgmental as a person, so you can talk to me about a lot of things and it'll be okay with me c: (Within reason, of course) If you ever need to talk about anything, feel free to shoot me a note or comment below.

Thank you for your time in reading this, and may your days become filled with joy! :D

Vivienne Waltzer :heart:

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College begins

Mon Sep 21, 2015, 10:00 PM
So college officially started today. 2 of my classes got canceled, so I spent some time in the library replying to dA messages. I'm going to be terribly busy starting tomorrow... I already had 2 hours worth of homework just for ONE class alone, so I'm bound to be really getting a lot of work cut out for me in the long run. A lot of writing in fact... I'm taking a bunch of writing classes to start out with. Stress Managment, Study Skills... and Comp Paragraph, to be exact. I'm bound to have to write  / read a lot... so I'm probably not going to have a lot of time here as I usually do. I doubt I'll have much time to comment on other's works except for the weekends. So don't be too disappointed if I don't get to your works on time. I'm going to focus my attention on my story as well... so don't be surprised if I disappear for a while. ^^;

As much as I want to devote my time to you... I've suddenly become a very busy person. I'll definitely see if I can squeeze dA in there... but as of right now: the chances are, it looks like I might be going on a big hiatus. At least I got homework done that was due on Friday...  and read a whole chapter all in one day but now I'm going to melt at how ridiculous the amount of work is.. and I have to carry like 2 binders, 3 books and a laptop all in one giant bag... among other things... god, how ridiculous! At least my back built up the strength for it from my own misadventures in high school, hehehe (I never used lockers... ) They have no lockers in college, so therefor: everything must go with me, or  else...

I studied for 2-3 hours at the library... it was actually pretty fun in my opinion. (Studying = fun used to not be in my vocabulary... but really, the content is great. ) Then I took it home and studied some more, editing works. I can get things typed super fast, so I'm able to take really good notes on my laptop (hence why I'm bringing it everyday) I'm actually way ahead of everyone else right now hehehe which is odd, considering how behind I am when I hand write...

I have to get up super early too (6 AM) and it's super ridiculous because my first class is at 10:00 AM... and god, I get there an entire HOUR early, haha. Time to go over my notes!

I'm probably going to read the OTHER packet she handed out, and review what I have. Maybe bring a flash drive just in case I need it, or email it to myself, just in case I need to print something. Buy a stapler...  yes. Buy a stapler... I've bought a lot of things from the student store actually...

Well, anyway... that's it from me. As you can tell, I'm kinda on high drive today... I hope I don't sink my ship before too long. Wish me luck for college, and I hope I can make some time to come here!

Vivienne Waltzer

P.S. I have a feature coming up featuring works of my characters. I'm still in the midst of receiving a work from :iconnaysae: for my b-day, so I'll wait until she makes it c: I think you should check out her gallery anyway, she's really awesome and super nice. :D I just decided I'd type this up real fast before 10:00 PM so I could catch some good sleep. I guess I'll review it quickly... and I won't be gone forever... just a little less active than usual. (I'm usually crazy active haha... I'm too addicted OTL )

So yeah, TL;DR mainly will focus on the story and college, and replying to messages might be shorter /cough I mean LONGER. c: (why did I write shorter? OTL ) As a side note: I can't really get into in depth conversations all too much right now either, no matter how much I'd like to :c I'm likely to keep it minimal, even though I usually have a lot to say. Sorry about that.

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