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Hello There~

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Aunt Drusilla by Vivyi

Updates 7/23/14

Wed Jul 23, 2014, 8:00 PM

Hello guys,

Long time no see, right?

Well I haven't jumped out in the blue quite yet. I just haven't really been doing much lately... hardly even eating. I took a few days off to relax, played some Morrowind, I really needed it. I'm still not ready to do some hand references, I don't have a lot of energy right now. I think I'll do a couple more updates.

I'm doing fine in RL, just feeling overly tired. I'm not depressed, but I am deprived of protein. I'm thinking I might cook up some eggs or other protein rich foods. I would love to try tofu sometime... mmm.

I hope you've all had a good summer so far. I'll get back to work soon... as for now, allow me to present what I am currently doing.

Updates, 7/23/14

Netheron chapter 6 is currently being written

Thoughts about chapter: Super interesting. Estelle is one quirky villain, I give you that. Hard to even call her a villain now that she's tag teaming with the protagonists to take on the real villain. I'm a little worried she'll come across as "mary sue" when I've been trying way hard to flesh out the mary sue genes in her. When I show the finalized verson to you guys, I'll have to show you a little more about Estelle's characterization. I'll try not to be heartbroken if she gets called a mary sue still... she's an interesting character and I'm quite fond of her. I'm not entirely sure whether that's a good thing or a  bad thing.

I have a comic coming up featuring Estelle and Mae (I've been playing with her hairstyles lately, my sketchbook is just full of doodles of her. She's always been super fun to draw, so many sides to her... that happy perky side of herself when she wasn't controlling to kingdom, to that overly dysfunctional cocky, almost maniacal self of hers, to the chapter 5 and up version of her, where she finally snaps and cannot take her actions anymore, with a surging amount of anger and clarity in  her traveling and speech. She really chews out Mae in the story itself, I'm almost worried Mae and Otto look one dimensional compared to her.

I overall hope the story will be interesting enough for you to read in the end. :)

About Hand Referencing

I currently am looking for some awesome tutorials on hands that i can collect, including a proper way to diagnose them. Help a fellow artist out? I have tutorials on just about everything else but hands, simply because I don't know a proper way to diagnose each tutorial and learn from it, so if you know something about hands (or anatomy in general) that I need to know, please link me in the comments below. Thanks!

(I'm not expecting any comments, so I'll just look on my own as well... )

In conclusion

I hope you all have had a wonderful vacation so far,

My vacation has been full of joy and happiness! :D

School is just around the corner though... ;A;

sobsob school...


a sobbing

La Vivi

(I'm debating about my signature...  I might remove it all together, it's quite unnecessary at times. It means, "The Lively"  but I get tired of writing it after a while.... what do you think about it? Should I keep it, shorten it to be Vivi, remove it all together? )

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